Why I Spray Tan.

I grew up with the Season of summer being my favorite season of all. Being able to sit in the sun, play sports, and swim in the summer heat was always at the top of my list.  At the age of 21, I found out my father was diagnosed with level 4 melanoma (skin cancer). This devastated me as a young adult and today at the age of 32, I still struggle with the loss of my dad. I struggle with knowing how he died, watching him fade away and the dangers that I’ve put myself at risk to.

I decided to limit my sun exposure to the best of my ability, while still being an “active outdoorsy girl”, and start a spray tan company. I want everyone to experience a golden tan that looks natural, that doesn’t come from UV rays and that is also convenient for them.

At Seattle Mobile Spray Tan we use organic formulas that are paraben free.  Join me and fight back against tanning bed companies that are a leading cause to skin cancer in america.  I wish everyone knew the dangers of sun exposure. I want to educate people and teach them how to get a tan without  harmful UV rays. Let me give you a natural looking spray tan.

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